Best Places You Can Visit In Jacksonville Florida

best place of Jacksoville

In the city of Jacksonville, located in the northeastern portion of the state, there are many activities that you can do when you visit. You might be interested in going to the beach, visiting parks, or perhaps learning more about nature and science. All of these activities will be available to you. You simply have to find the places where you can visit to get this information or have this experience. Here are some of the best places you can visit in Jacksonville Florida if you are going to be staying there for a week or more.

Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

There are some people that are absolutely infatuated with large animals, specifically tigers. If this is something that you have been interested in all of your life, you can visit this sanctuary which will have some of the best ones in the world. They do a great job of explaining the cats, where they live in their natural habitat, and why they are there at this facility. You will understand these big cats even better than you did before, and actually get to see them close up and personal. From there, you should consider going to one of the best ecological preserves in the area.

Timucuan Ecological & Historical Preserve

Another place that you should visit, especially if you are interested in the environment and ecology, is this preserve. It is a beautiful location, a place where you can see a re-created French fort, and also an Indian village that looks absolutely authentic. There is a museum, gift shop, and you can also walk on this One Mile Trl. which is lined with beautiful trees. The marsh areas are also very nice to see, and if you are interested in learning more about nature, they can also provide this information.

For those that have been to the East Coast of Florida, you may have primarily gone to the beaches. However, there is so much to do around the Jacksonville area that has nothing to do with the ocean and fun in the sun. By visiting these two places, you can learn about wildlife, ecology, and a little bit about history. If you are going to be staying in Jacksonville for an extended period of time, or even just a couple of days, these are two of the best destinations that you can see while you are in this area of Florida.